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Gujrat Fan Industry List

Gujrat Fan Industry List with Products, Contact Phone and Fax Numbers, Website and Email

Here is a directory of Gujrat Fan Industry with Products, Contact Phone and Fax Numbers, Website and Email addresses of these industries. The products of these industries are not only being used in the Pakistan but also these are exported to all over the world. Now a days these fan industries are not only limited to different type, quality and variety of fans, but these also manufactured Motorcycles, Skimmers, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners and Room Coolers

Golden Star Fan Industry


Ceiling Fans, Pedestal Fans, Table Fan, Circumatic Fan, Bracket Fan, Louver Fan, Exhaust Fan, Washing Machines, TCP Fans and Spare Parts



Service / Maintenance/ Technical Support

Sales / Quotation Requests

General Information /Suggestions


Opposite Science College, G.T. Road Gujrat - Pakistan


+92-53-351 4151

+92-53-352 4151


Nissar Awan

+92-300-852 4151

+92-313-852 4151


+92-53-353 4151

Pak Fan, Wahid Industries


Room Coolers, All type of Fans, Air conditioners, WashingMachines



GT Road Gujrat

Tel: +(92-53) 3525211 up to 4

Fax: +(92-53) 3525218, 524854


Parwaz Fan Industry


Decorative Fan, Bracket Fans, Elite Class Fans, Table Fans, Heavy Duty Fans, Pedestal Fans, Economy Fans, Exhaust Fan, Circumatic Fans, Unique Fans




6 Km GT Road Gujrat

Phone Numbers:



G.F.C. Fan Industry


All type of Fans, Washing Machines, Room Air Coolers, Skimming Machines, Gas Water Heaters, Electrical Water Heaters, Cooler Water Pump etc




GT Road Gujrat






Digital Fans, Awan Electrical Industries


Bracket Fans, Ceiling Fans, Circumatic Fans, Exhaust Fans, Louver Fans, Pedestal Fans, Skimmer, TCP Fans, Washing Machines




Shahzad Colony, Jamalpur Road Gujrat Pakistan

Cell Phone:

+92 333 847 8431

Malik Muhammad Ishaq(Chief Executive)

+92 321 620 3243

Bilal Awan (Executive)

Land Line: +92 53 360 8478

Fax: +92-53-3608552

Noor Fans


Ceiling Fans, Bracket Fans, Barqi Madhani, Washing Machines, Exhaust Fans, Pedestal Fans





Post Box 100, In China Fan, G. T. Road

Gujrat - 50700


+92-53-3515501, 3515502
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Gujrat, Pakistan information

Gujrat (Urdu/Punjabi: گجرات) is a city in Pakistan. It is the capital of Gujrat District and the Gujrat Tehsil subdivision in the Punjab Province[1]. People living in Gujrat refer to themselves as Gujratis, which sometimes leads to confusion with the Indian state of Gujaratwhich neighbors Pakistan. The major sources of livelihood of Gujrat populace are agriculture and small industries.

Gujrat is situated on the bank of Chenab River, situated about 120 KM north of Lahore. Prominent nearby locations include Jhelum,Gujranwala, Mandi Bahauddin, Sialkot and Bhimber-Azad Kashmir. The city is surrounded by many villages which supply a significant labor to the local market.


Gujrat is an ancient city which was founded by Raja Bachhan Pal Gurjar in 460 BC, according to General Cunningham, the British historian. Historical consensus is that it existed in the time of Alexander the Great, and that the city's Raja Porus put up a fierce challenge to Alexander's invasion at the bank of the Jehlum River. The establishment of Gujrat City was realized early in the 1900 century after the British Empire and in support of regional land lords (e.g., Daswandi Khan of Daswandi Pura).

During the Mughal period Mughal royalty would used to travel through the district en-route to Kashmir. When King Jahangir died while he was returning from Kashmir, the news of his death was not released to avoid any chaos in the empire. As such, his abdominal organs were taken out and buried in Gujrat. To this day, an annual festival is held commemorating this event, commonly known as the "Festival of Jahangir".

Two main battles between British and Sikh armies were fought in this district: the Battle of Chillianwala and Battle of Gujrat. Only after winning the battle of Gujrat on 22 February 1849 did the British declare victory in Punjab.

Historic Remains

Gujrat is an ancient city of Pakistan located between two famous rivers, Jhelum River and Chenab River. Because of its proximity with the rivers, the land is good for cultivation of rice and sugarcane as main crops. It is bounded on the northeast by Jammu and Kashmir, on the northwest by the Jhelum River, on the east and southeast by the Chenab River, separating it from the districts of Gujranwala and Sialkot; and on the west by Mandi Bahauddin District.

Famous people

 Sharif Kunjahi, Famous Punjabi Poet

 Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, a recipient of the Nishan-e-Haider (Pakistan's highest Military award) during the India-Pakistan war of 1965 belongs to Laadhian, a village in Gujrat.

 Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed, a recipient of the Nishan-e-Haider (Pakistan's highest Military award) during the India-Pakistan war of 1971 belongs to Dinga, a city in Gujrat.

 Major Shabir Sharif was another recipient of the Nishan-e-Haider belongs to a near by village of gujrat namely kunjah.

 Inayat Hussain Bhatti, (1928-1999) a multidimensional icon of Pakistan. His body of work includes contributions as a singer, actor, producer, director, script writer, social worker, columnist, religious scholar and a protagonist of the development of Punjabi language and literature.

 Fazal Elahi Chaudhry, former President of Pakistan.

 Ch Ahmad Mukhtar, Present Defence Minister Of Pakistan.

 Ch Shujat Hussain, Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ex-head of PML-(Q).

 Ch Pervez Ilahi, Ex-Chief Minister of Punjab.

 Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan, Ex-President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan

 Nawab Sir Fazal Ali, Founder of Zamindara College.

 Sabiha Khanum, a famous Film Actress of 1970s, wife of famous actor Musa Raza (Santosh Kumar).


The city has moderate climate. During the peak of summer, the daytime temperature shoots up to 45°C, but the hot spells are relatively short due to the proximity of the Azad KashmirMountains. During the winter, the minimum temperature may fall below 2°C. The average rainfall at Gujrat is 67 cm.


Gujrat produces low temperature pottery ceramic goods, Hukkas , artistic handicrafts, flower pots, "Changairian" (made from the leaves of palm and date trees), cotton mates and woollen shawls. Sohni Mahiwal is a famous folk tale of the Punjab region. The heroine of the story, named "Sohni" (a Punjabi word, meaning "beautiful"), came from the Gujrat region. She used to meet her lover "Mahinwal" by crossing the Chenab river, sitting on a pitcher. The tale is still told to this day, and is an essential part of Punjabi culture. The anniversary of Kanwan-Wali Sarkar is celebrated with a fair in August every year. The locals have a myth that it rains heavily at the time of fair (but actually the rail falls because of monsoon).


Gujrat is also known for its clay with which the locals have, for long, produced quality pottery. The city also produces fine furniture. Over the last few decades, Gujrat has also attained a name in the manufacture and export of Electric Fans. Gujrat is also home to one of the two largest shoe manufacturing companies in Pakistan, namely Service Industries, which runs a large shoe factory in the city. There are about 1,059 cottage level and small to large scale industrial units operating in the district. Rice production and export is another major product of Gujrat. There are many other factories engaged in manufacturing of electrical goods, electric motors and rice cleaning mills. Most are cottage industries, providing employment to a large number of people and accounting, in aggregate, for more than 90 percent of the domestic market.

The story of the emergence of the electric fan manufacturing industry in Pakistan started with a few enterprising individuals in the early 1940s, struggled against all odds, and created, without government or foreign help, resulting an efficient industry. There are now over five hundred fan factories in Gujrat, Gujranwala, Lahore and a few other cities. Most of the Fan Industries are in Gujrat.


Sir Syed Ahmad Khan named the region "Khita-e-Younan", or "Territory resembling ancient Greece", referring to the high number of educational institutes present in the area. The following universities and colleges are located in Gujrat:

 University of Gujrat

 Govt. Zaminadar Degree College (for men)

 Govt. Fatima Jinnah Degree College (for women)

 Govt. College For Girls

 Punjab College

 Swedish Pakistani Institute of Technology

 Nawaz Sharif Medical College, at University of Gujrat

 Gujrat Group of Colleges

 Chenab Group Of Colleges

 Govt. Girls College, Railway Road,

 Govt. Degree College for men, G.T.Road,

 Jamia Islamia Le-Binat-Ul-Islam ( Religious )


The district, with 1,019 kilometres of road, is linked with Gujranwala, Jhelum, and Mandi Bahauddin districts through metalled roads. The main Peshawar -Karachi railway line passes through the city and it is amongst an important railway stations of this route. The district is linked with Jhelum, Mandi Bahauddin, Sargodha and Gujranwala districts through Pakistan Railway Network. Daewoo Express has a terminal at GT Road Gujrat, started on May 14, 2004 and connects Gujrat with Lahore. Gujrat airport does not host any commercial flights, and people use the nearby Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore andSialkot International Airport for domestic and international flights.

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Gujarat’s medical college gets lab accreditation

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Ahmedabad, May 26 (IANS) The Pramukhswami Medical College at Karamsad in central Gujarat has received the accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) for all its laboratories. “This is an honour for the institution and a recognition of the high quality standards followed by it. We realise that it also places greater responsibility on our shoulders, to maintain these standards and to keep improving on them,” said Amrita Patel, chairman of Charutar Arogya Mandal, which manages the medical college at Karamsad in Anand district, 73 km from here.

Only the Vellore-based Christian Medical College has received the NABL accreditation though only for its bio-chemistry lab, while the Karamsad College has got the accreditation for all its labs - pathology, bio-chemistry and microbiology, said Patel, who is also chairperson of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

Nawaz Sharif Medical College for Gujrat approved

Medical college for Gujrat approved

Lahore, Oct 10: The Punjab government has approved the establishment of the Nawaz Sharif Medical College, Gujrat, and revised the plan of the Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology (FIC). Both projects will be completed at an estimated cost of Rs 2.03 billion.

Official sources said that the decisions were taken at a meeting of the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP), Planning and Development department,

Over-riding a previous plan which proposed that a project implementation unit (PIU) be set up and consultants be hired at a cost of Rs 500 million, the PDWP formulated a fast-track plan by forming a three-member committee comprising DCO (in-charge), EDO Health and Medical Superintendent of Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital, Gujrat, to give a final shape to the medical institution project.

The college will be attached with the
 Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital.

The committee made a drastic reduction in the consultancy fee, from Rs 500 million to Rs 1 (one) million.

The Punjab government decided to allocate land measuring 145 kanals for the project from the premises of Pak Swedish Technical Institute, Gujrat, and another chunk of 150 kanals from
 Jinnah Public School, Gujrat, for the construction of the medical college.

The MBBS classes in the college would commence from the current session, sources said.

The PDWP also approved the Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology project at a revised cost of Rs1528.353 million. The project was originally approved by the PDWP in 2005 at a cost of Rs 1032.353 million, but later the health department submitted a revised PC-1 at a cost of Rs 1758.387 million.

The health department submitted the revised PC-1 due to various factors. App 

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Zahoor Elahi Stadium Gujrat, Pakistan Pics

Swedish Institue Of Technology Gujrat, Pakistan

Swedish Embassy in Pakistan> Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email and Website

Sweden Embassy in Pakistan> Address, Phone Number, Fax, Email and Website

Sweden Embassy / High Commission / Consulate for Pakistan

Office : Embassy

Street Address : House No. 4, St. No.5, F-6/3, Islamabad Pakistan

Telephone : (92) 282 8712~3

Fax : (92) 282 5284

Email :

Office : Consulate

Street Address : 5 FCC, Syed Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg, LahorePakistan

Telephone : (+92-42) 5763972

Fax : (+92-42) 5752338

Email :

Office : Consulate

Street Address : 5-6 Standard Chartered Bank Chambers, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi Pakistan

Telephone : (+92-21) 2415697, 2414884

Fax : (+92-21) 2412046

Email :

Ex Students of Swedish College Gujrat

Associate Engineers of Swedish College Gujrat are playing vital role in the development of Pakistan. These Ex Students of Swedish College Gujrat are the pride of the Swedish Pakistan Institute of Technology, Gujrat. They were the part of every mega project of Pakistan. These Associate Engineers worked very hard for the development, progress and prosperity of the country. They are working in PAEC Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, KRL Kahuta Research Laboratories, SUPPARCO, NDC, HMC, OGDC and in other civil and defense organizations. They are also working in all types of private firms, multinational companies and other national and international organizations. In simple you will find ex students of SPIT in every city of Pakistan and in every noticeable organizations. The hardworking and technical expertise of these Seniors got respect for their juniors also.

A large number of these Ex Students of Swedish College Gujrat are also working overseas i.e. Europe, America, Australia, Middle East...........

Details about Swedish College

Principal of Swedish Pakistani Institute of Technology: Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Dugal

Establishment Year: 1964

Only for Male Students

No of Class rooms: 22

No of Labs: 29

No of Computers: 139

Total Area: 48 Acres

Covered Area: 6 Acres

Total Staff Sanctioned: 240

Total Staff Available: 147
Academic Year: 01 September~31August

University Of Gujrat, Pakistan Detail

Facilities, Learning Resource Centre, Library and I.T.

University of Gujrat has following state of the art facilities:

  • Learning Resources Centre
  • Student Services Centre
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Transport Facility
  • Accommodation
  • UOG Guest House

The Main Campus has been named after a local sufi saint Hafiz Muhammad Hayat. Situated prominently in the University of Gujrat Campus, the shrine of Hafiz Hayat is an exquisite complex in terms of its architecture, site planning and landscape design. It is located on a mound six feet high above the Terre plain. The site contains a haveli, summerhouse (baradari), mosque, four tombs of varying dimensions, several graves, seven wells and numerous old trees. The mound on which the construction was carried out belonged to the Raja Kaladhvi and was surrounded by a dense forest at that time. Hafiz Hayat settled in the area and helped people with his spiritual charisma. Although the exact dates are not known yet according to popular belief it was at the time of Emperor Jahangir. The saint donated his entire land holding to the then state authorities for the cause of education. The main campus of UOG has been constructed on that very land donated by Hafiz Muhammad Hayat.

The creation of University of Gujrat was a brainchild of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi who was chief minister of Punjab from 2002 to 2007.

Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at a Glance:
  • Library
  • Digital Library
  • Internet Facility
  • Air-Conditioned
  • Lending Libraries
  • Photocopy facility
  • Reference Services
  • Orientation Services
  • Open Shelves System in Library
  • Inter-Library Loan Facility
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Borrowing Facility from all Libraries

In addition to the main library, there are four constituent college's libraries. There are about 70,000 books available in all five libraries. A wide variety of online full-text journals’ databases are available including HEC PERN project. Thousands of digital books can be accessed through the library website on a variety of subjects.

I.T. facilities:
  • Network of about 700 computers
  • Two general purpose labs, equipped with latest computers
  • Class rooms are equipped with multimedia facility
  • Free internet access all over the campus
  • Computer labs in both hostels
  • Wireless internet is available in the campus

The University is offering degree programs ranging from BS (Hons.), M.A, M.SC to M.Phil programs in various disciplines following the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).


Presently the following research groups are functioning in almost all the departments:

  • Intelligence and Robotics Research
  • Social Service Research Group
  • Next Generation Network Research Group
  • Data Mining and Statistical Research
  • Total Quality Management
  • Product Design Research

developmental works at the main campus have already been completed and are currently operational. The new campus of university of Gujrat(UOG) has been built over 1000 kanals, about 12 km away from Gujrat city in a pollution free scenic landscape. Renowned architects have designed purpose built class rooms, state of the art digital library, conference halls, multi-storied buildings for various departments of science and technology, social sciences, humanities, arts, crafts and product design, engineering, information technology and management. Well equipped laboratories, video conferencing facility, horticultural designed lush green lawns, separate hostels for boys and girls, play grounds, swimming pool, modern residences for teachers and other staff members have been completed or are expected to complete soon.

Campuses and Departments

Campuses or Constituent Colleges:

1. UOG Main Hafiz Hayat Campus

2. UOG college for boys GT road Gujrat

3. UOG college for women Railway road Gujrat

4. UOG college for women Fawara chauk Gujrat

5. UOG college for women Marghzar colony Gujrat


  • Faculty of Mass Communication & Media
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences and IT
  • Faculty of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • School of business

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    Famous Brands and Products of Gujrat, Pakistan

    Historically Gujrat district is a agricultural region. But now a days it is an industrial city and famous for its Fan Industry, Furniture Industry, Shoes Industry, Auto (Motor Cycles/ Bikes) Industry, Electrical Industry, Pottery Industry and Tyre and Tube Industry.
    Here we will enlist top Brands and Products of Gujrat;
    Fan Industry:
    Royal Fan, GFC Fan, Yunas Fan, Metro Fan, Inayat Fan, Pak Fan, Al-Shaikh Fan, Golden Star Fan, My Fan, Noor Fan, Digital Fan.........up to 500 Fan Brands are produced in Gujrat.
    Furniture Industry:
    Decent Furnishers, Koncept Furnishers, Bashir Design Furniture, Al Karam Furnishers, Best Buy Furnishers, Capri Furnishers, Classic Furnishers, Comfort Zone Furnishers, Danish Furnishers, General Furnishers and many more.
    Shoes Industry:
    A wide range of Servis Shoes products is the sign of quality in the foot wear industry. CALZA, Don Carlos, CHEETAH and many more are produced in Servis Shoes Industry Gujrat.
    Auto Industry (Motorcycles/ Bikes):
    Metro Motor Cycles and Royal Motor Cycles
    Crockery Industry (Pottery and Ceramics):
    Stone Ware is a high quality crockery producer in Gujrat. Royal of London has also an unit in Gujrat. And there are so many other ceramics industries in Gujrat.
    Tyre and Tube Industry:
    Servis and Ceco are two producers of Tyres and Tubes in Gujrat.
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    Famous and Prominent Villages of Gujrat

    Warraichan Wala, Hafiz Hayat Garrh, Langay Sharif, Chookanaan Wali, Khojian Wali, Kang Chanan, Golay Ke, Narang, Shaikh Sukha, Narowali, Gondal Kot, Dheer Kay, Kalra, Saro ki, Madina Syedan, Moman De Pur (Mohi ul Din Pur), Kahana, Barnali, Dhoria, Achh, Amra Kalan, Ajnala, Khawas Pur, Bagrian Wala, Chakriyan, Alam Garh, Chak Manju, Chak Jani, Miana Chak, Chopala, Addowal, Panjan Kissana, Golrra, Barreela Shareef and Chechian are most famous and prominent villages of Gujrat district.

    Kunjah, Gujrat, Pakistan History, Culture and Personalities

    Introduction to Kunjah

    Kunjah is a village in Pakistan located in Gujrat District in the Punjab Province, the inhabitants are called Kunjahi. There are three banks, a police station and a WAPDA sub division in Kunjah. There 1 girls inter college, 2 girls high school, 1 boys high school and 1 boys higher secondary school in Kunjah. Along with these government institutions, many private schools and colleges are also educating the youth of Kunjah. Kunjah has a textile mill (Kunjah Textile Mills), a pulp mill (Farooqi Pulp Mills) and two tobacco collection centers.

    History of Kunjah
    Various accounts date the founding of Kunjah anywhere from the 4th century BC (during the time of Alexander the Great) to the 8th century AD. Kunjah is named after a raja named Kunjpal who is also often credited to be the founder of the town. Islam was brought to the region by the Umayyad Caliphate early in the 8th century and soon replaced Hinduism as the dominant religion. Kunjah grew in prominence in the 9th and 10th centuries.
    Starting during the Muslim period, Kunjah was considered a strategically important town. Ibrahim Bin Masood used Kunjah as his main base for his attack of Hindustan. In the Mughal period , King Aurangzeb Alamgir also visited Kunjah, and during his stay in Kunjah he built a mosque that is now named after him.
    Kunjah prospered during the time of the Sikh Empire. In that period the town was home to a number of gardens, two royal palaces and a royal bathing pool connected by underground tunnels, and a baradari that still stands today.there are many kinds of families e.g. Warraich, Gondal, Dhilo & Cheema are the popular families in Kunjah. Many people are attach with agriculture and some are in army and the other departments of Government of Pakistan.

    Culture of Kunjah
    Kunjah has a modest type of culture i.e. it is semi-urban type. Both men and women wear shalwar qameez.
    An annual fair is held in Kunjah on 4th of August . It is held at the shrine of a cleric Shah Shujah Bukhari so it is also known to be an "URS".

    Transport in Kunjah
    Only road transport is available. There is no railway station. The transport is available only in form of wagons and buses. Along with these the cars are available as taxis. The transport is available for Gujrat City and to other small towns surrounding Kunjah.

    • Shareef Kunjahi, (1915-2007) was one of the leading writers and poets of Punjabi language. He was among the first faculty members of the Department of Punjabi Language at University of Punjab in 1970s and contributed to Punjabi literature as a poet, prose writer, teacher, research scholar, linguist, lexicographer and translator.
    • Prof. Anwar Masood The famous writer and poet has academic relationship with Kunjah. He was a teacher in the Government Islamia High School Kunjah.
    • Sushila Nayyar, also spelled 'Nayar' (1914-2000), was the younger sister of Piyaray Lal Nayyar, personal secretary to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and the Gandhis' personal physician. She was born in Kunjah in 1914.

    Shadiwal Detail Informations

    Shadiwal (Shadi Wal) is a town of Gujrat, a district in Punjab province,Pakistan. It is situated only few kilometers away from Gujrat city. It is a developed town of Gujrat and it has got the status of Model Town in the present century after a lot of developments in the town. Shaiwal has a police station and an emergency police unit. Shadiwal is subdivided in two: as Shadiwal Kalan (Barra) and Shadiwal Khurd (Chhota). Shadiwal has a big bazaar. Jatts (Warraich, Cheema, Sahi, Gondal and Tarar) are prominent residents of Shadiwal while Kashmiri (Butt and Dar) and Syed families are also very respected in the town. A large number of people of Shadiwal are settled in Europe, America, Australia and in Middle East.
    Many famous politicians, lawyers, doctors, engineers and sub-engineers belong to Shadiwal. Before Pakistan Ch. Ahmed Din of Shadiwal was only single Pleader in the whole district of Gujrat.
    Shadiwal is named after a Hindu with the name of Shadi. Before partition, Hindus and Muslims lived together peacefully and with great harmony and religious patience. In 1947 Hindus migrated to India.
    There are many beautiful mosques in the town. Because this town is present since British era so it has many churches, temples (mandirs) as well.
    Industry & Agriculture:
    Shadiwal has a Hydel Power Plant on Upper Jhelum Link Canal. It was built in sixties.
    The land of this area is very fertile and the rice of Shadiwal is very tasty and world famous. Other main crops are wheat and sugar cane. There are number of dairy and poultry farms in the town. Very fine clay pottery is also produced in cottage industry.
    Shadiwal has a modest culture. Shalwar Qameez is common and famous dress but Pant Shirts and other modern dresses are also being used while some villagers also like Teh-band and Kurta. Punjabi is main language in Shadiwal while Urdu is also widely spoken. It is also believed that Sohni of folk story Sohni Mahinwal was also belonged to Shadiwal.

    Nishan-e-Haider and Gujrat, Pakistan

    Gujrat Pakistan  has three  Nishan-e-Haider Awards .

     It is the highest military award of Pakistan.
     Following three soldiers of Pakistan Military were recipients of Nishan-e-Haider who belongs to Gujrat.

    Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed

    Birth name Raja Aziz Bhatti
    Nickname Major Raja Aziz
    Born        1928 British Hong Kong
    Died        September 10, 1965
    Service/branch Pakistan Army
    Years of service 1950-1965
    Rank Major
    Unit 17th Battalion, Punjab Regiment
    Commands held Burki Company, 17th Battalion, Punjab Regiment
    Battles/wars Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
    Awards Nishan-e-Haider
    Sword of Honor
    Norman Medal
    was born in Laadiyan, a village near Gujrat. He got Nishan-e-Haider during the India-Pakistan war of 1965.

    Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed 

    Born Dinga, Gujrat District, Punjab
    Died Bogra, Bangladesh
    Major Akram Shaheed Memorial Jhelum
    Service/branch Pakistan Army
    Years of service 1959-1971
    Rank Major
    Unit 31st Frontier Force Regiment
    Commands held 4th FF Company, 31st FF Battalion, 205 Infantry Brigade.
    Battles/wars Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
    Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
    Battle of Hilli
    Awards Nishan-e-Haider (1971)

    was born at Dinga, a village of Gujrat. He got Nishan-e-Haider during the India-Pakistan War of 1971.
    Major Shabir Sharif Shaheed

    Born April 28, 1943
    Kunjah, Gujrat,
     British India
    Died December 3, 1971
    Service/branch Pakistani Army
    Years of service April 19, 1954- December 7, 1971
    Rank Major
    Unit 6th Battalion of the Frontier Force Regiment
    Commands held 6th Frontier Force Regiment
    Battles/wars Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
    Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
    Awards Sword of Honor

    was born at Kunjah, a town of Gujrat. He also got Nishan-e-Haider in the war of 1971.

    • Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed

      Born April 28, 1943
      Kunjah, Gujrat,
       British India
      Died December 3, 1971
      Service/branch Pakistani Army
      Years of service April 19, 1954- December 7, 1971
      Rank Major
      Unit 6th Battalion of the Frontier Force Regiment
      Commands held 6th Frontier Force Regiment
      Battles/wars Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
      Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
      Awards Sword of Honor

      holder of the Nishan-e-Haider, Pakistan's highest military award for bravery. Belong to Kunjah, Gujrat, Pakistan.


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