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Tulip Restaurant on Jehlum Bridge Gujrat

The Tulip Riverside Hotel was built in 2003. In that time we have enjoyed greeting many new guests and welcoming back many regulars.

The hotel was originally built in a butterfly map. Our reception team, valet, bell service will dazzle you. 

We run the hotel with traditional values but are geared up for the 21st century, with all the modern amenities that our guests would expect. We know that the success of our hotel has come about thanks to the support of all our past customers and look forward to welcoming new and existing customers in the future.

Should you have any queries or comments regarding the hotel (or this website) please email me, Ahsan ul Haq at and I shall feel happy to respond.

Tulip Riverside Hotel also offers outstanding facilities for meeting, banquet and marriage arrangements. We have about 500 to 1000 people capacity wedding and Banquet hall. Whether it's a conference, director's meeting or wedding party. A complete range of business support services are available. A professional team of banquet planners, technicians, services and kitchen staff are also on hand to ensure your event runs exactly as planned.

Tulip Riverside Hotel for its location attracts locals and foreigners. We tried our best services to our valued guests, so they can spend their precious weekends and holidays with us. Our rooms are recently furnished and accommodation environment is so good.
Luxurious facilities including IDD, 24hr Room Service, Mini Bar,
Centrally Air-conditioned rooms, same day laundry/dry cleaning,
Cable/satellite TV, In-room movies.

Limousine Service

Tulip River Side Hotel, also offer luxerious trasport services to its valued guest. That is comfortable and affordable.

Contact Detail 

Cheif Executive Contact
Ch. Muhammad Sharif Handwalia
Cheif Executive - Tulip Riverside Hotel - Pakistan
Tulip Riverside Hotel G.T. Road,
Jhelum Bridge Sarai Alamgir, Distt. Gujrat - Pakistan
Phone :  +92-544-652555(6)
Fax : +92-544-652558

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Old Gujrat pics

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Shopping Centers, Plazas, Markets and Bazaar in Gujrat

Although Gujrat is comparatively a small City Of Pakistan but it has many Super Markets,  Multistory Plazas, Very Good Shopping Centers and traditional Bazaars.
Aleena Shopping Center and Restaurant (Bhimber Road), Pace(Servis More), Serwar Gold Plaza (Kuchehary Road) are the most famous shopping places in Gujrat city. However their are many other good shopping centers in Gujrat. Sethi Leather House (Chowk Khawajgaan) and Raja Garments (Gohar Plaza, GTS Chowk) are very famous amongst the youth of Gujrat and surroundings for the shopping of Garments.
There are two main Bazaars in Gujrat; Muslim Bazaar (Nawabzada Chowk to Timbal Chowk) and Madina Bazaar (Staff Gala).
Urdu Bazaar of Gujrat is situated in the Municipal Committee Market ofGujrat near Nawabzada Chowk.
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Kharian, Gujrat, Pakistan

Kharian city is a tehsil of District Gujrat. It is located on GT Road 10 miles from Jhelum and 20 miles from Gujrat. It has population of about 100,000 people. Total area of Kharian is 1154 km².
Kharian Cantonment was built during Britain Rule and at that time it was the 2nd largest Army Base (Cantonment).  CMH (CombinedMilitary Hospital) Kharian is a landmark of Kharian. It is very big medical facility of Pakistan. Jutt, Gujar and Rajput are prominent families of Kharian.

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Lalamusa Gujrat

History of Lalamusa
Lalamusa is a big town of District Gujrat. Lala Musa is named after a person Musa while Lala means Big Brother.

Parks in Lalamusa
There are three parks in Lalamusa:
Qasim Park Lalamusa
Hassan Park Lalamusa
Barkat Park Lalamusa

Lalamusa is situated on Grand Trunk Road, just 10 km away from Gujrat. Lalamusa has a big railway junction on Peshawar- Karachi Railway Track. Lalamusa is also linked with Sargodha via railway line.

Qamar Zaman Kaira, Federal Minister for Information and Tanveer Ashraf Kaira, Provincial Minister of Finance belong to Lalamusa.

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Sarai Alamgir Gujrat, Pakistan

Sarai Alamgir is a Tehsil (sub-division) of Gujrat District. Sara i Alamgir is situated on eastern bank of Jhelum river. Sarai Alamgir is also located on GT Road as both other tehsils (Gujrat and Kharian) of Gujrat district are on the same road. It is just few kilometers away fromJhelum city, which is also a district level city.
Military College Jhelum is also in Sarai Alamgir and is a landmark of Sarai Alamgir.
Its population is more than 200,000 persons and its area is about 575 km².

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Dinga City, Gujrat, Pakistan

History of Dinga:
Dinga is a town of Tehsil Kharian and District Gujrat. Dinga was established in 16th century. Dinga is named after “Ding” which is a sub-caste of Gujar.
Population of this town is about 50,000. There is also a Sikh Shrine,Nanak Sar Gurdwara from the pre-partition time.
It has a park, Fatima Jinnah Children Park, Dinga.

Dinga is 135 km from Islamabad, 130 km from Lahore, 25 km from Kharian and 20 km from Gujrat. Lalamusa- Sargodha Railway track also passes from Dinga, and Dinga has also a mini railway station.

Dinga has a Government Degree College for Boys and a GovernmentDegree College for Girls.

Banks in Dinga:
All the major banks have their branches in Dinga; ABL, HBL, MCB, UBL and Bank Alfalah.

Several Weekly (Deehat Times, Nawa I Dinga, Times of Dinga, Muqabil) and Monthly (Nawa I Mash’hood)Newspapers are published from Ding.

ڈنگہ شہرکا تفصیلی تعارف

ڈنگہ مغربی پنجاب میں واقع ایک چھوٹا سا شہر ہے ، یہ دریائے جہلم اور دریائے چناب کے درمیان والے خطہ میں ہے-لاہور سے راولپنڈی جانے والی مرکزی شاھراہ ڈنگہ سے تقریبا ۱۵ میل کے فاصلے سے گزرتی ہے۔ ڈنگہ پاکستان اور بھارت کی سرحد سے ۵۰ اور ۷۰ میل کے فاصلے پر واقع ہے۔

ڈنگہ ایک زمانے میں میٹھی سونف کے لیے بہت مشہور تھا، یہ سونف چینی چڑھا کر تیار کی جاتی تھی، آج بھی ڈنگہ کے بازاروں میں آپ کو اس کی بے شمار دکانیں نظر آئیں گی
ڈنگہ کی آبادی تازہ تریں اعدادوشمار ک مطابق ۷۰ ہزار نفوس پر مشتمل ہے، بہت سے مشہور و معروف افراد ڈنگہ سے تعلق رکھتے ہیں جن میں میجر محمد اکرم شہید نشان حیدر نمایاں ترین ہیں
ٹیکنالوجی کی ترقی کے لحاظ سے بھی ڈنگہ کسی سے پیچھے نہیں، دور حاضر کی تمام سہولیات ٹیلیفون، تمام موبائل فون کمپنیوں کے ٹاور، انٹرنیٹ، کیبل ٹیلی ویژن نیٹ ورک ڈنگہ میں دستیاب ہیں
ڈنگہ کا بازار علاقہ کے درجنوں دیہات کے لوگوں کی تمام ضروریات پوری کرتا ہے، اشیا خردو نوش سے لے کر لباس، بجلی کی مصنوعات، ، کاسمیٹکس، موبائل سیٹس، گھریلو اشیا، فریج ٹیلی ویژن، فرنیچر اور گھروں کی تعمیر میں استعمال ہونے والی اشیا سب دستیاب ہے اسکے علاوہ ڈنگہ میں تمام بنکوں کی شاخیں موجود ہیں اور علاج کی سہولیات میہا کرنے کےلیے بے شمار ہسپتال موجود ہیں ڈنگہ میں لڑکوں اور لڑکیوں کے ڈگری کالجز بھی موجود ہیں ڈنگہ ملکوال سے لالہ موسی جانے والی ریلوے لائن کے ساتھ بھی منسلک ہے، یوں اشیا کی ترسیل اور ذرائع نقل و حمل کی ساری سہولیات بھی موجود ہیں

Jalalpur Jattan Gujrat

History of Jalal Pur Jattan:
Jalalpur Jattan is a big town of Gujrat. Jalalpur Jattan was established by a Jutt, Jalal. But history about this city shows that a town on the same place was founded by Chandar Gupta Maurya, a Hindu Ruler, in 300 BC.

Jalalpur Jattan Cantonement:
Jalalpur Jattan is on the border of Kashmir and India. Jalalpur Jattan is also called as Gate of Kashmir. Due to its  geographical and strategic importance, recently a cantonment/ military base has been built in Jalalpur Jattan.

Nearby Famous Towns and Villages of Jalalpur Jattan:
Tanda, Mota, Bhagowal, Lakhan Wal, Chak Kamala, Sheikh Choghani Syedan, Karianwala, Awan Sharif, Barrila

Transportation to Jalalpur Jattan:
Jalalpur Jattan is situated 20 km away from Gujrat. You can go to Jalalpur Jattan only by road.  

News of Jalalpur Jattan:
In past, some 94 cases of HIV Aids Positive are also reported by an NGO (New Light AIDS Control Society, Lahore) after its free screening camp.

Nawaz Sharif Park

Nawaz Sharif Park is comparatively large enough park, built by Nawaz Sharif in his Government. It is need of hour that the present government of Pakistan Peoples Party take immediate steps to make many more parks in Gujrat and all other surrounding cities and towns.

Ladies and Children Park

Ladies and Children Park is the oldest park of Gujrat. It is only opened for Ladies and Children and Males are only allowed if they are with Families. It is a small park because it is in the almost center of the city.

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Book Stores/Publishers Located in Gujrat

Book Stores/Publishers Located in Gujrat

Ali Gash Distt, Gujrat.
View Details : Send Email Inquiry

Bhimbar Road
, Gujrat.
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Chowk Pakistan, Gujrat
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23-Commlttee Market, Gujrat
View Details : Send Email Inquiry

Masha-Allah Plaza
, Fawara Chowk , Gujrat.
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26-Urdu Bazar, Gujrat.
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26-Urdu Bazar, Gujrat.
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27-Committi Market, Urdu Bazar, Gujrat.
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Chowk Pakistan, Gujrat.
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Kacheri Road
, New Zahoor Elahi Stadium, Gujrat
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Vice Chancellor Welcomes Medical Students at Nawaz Sharif Medical College Gujrat

Vice Chancellor Welcomes Medical Students at Nawaz Sharif Medical College Gujrat

students and Faculty of Nawaz Sharif Medical College (NSMC) should meet the challenges of setting healthy modern research trends in the profession of medicine. They have been bestowed a responsibility to serve human beings to facilitate them with a good health. UOG will provide all possible facilities for creating a medical practitioner at par with the international standards. Special measures would be ensured to overcome the shortage of time span for taking the examination of the first professional this year.Consequently there will be no summer break this year. Main campus of the University of Gujrat has a unique learning environment. Create here a new philosophy of medical treatment by Integrating the medical sciences with human sociological and psychological perspective. It will help to develop a practical approach of serving human beings.

Human beings can be treated in a better way by understanding their socio- psychological problems and integrating them with the physiological. Technologies have knit the world together. Share the information on the subject to enhance knowledge and ability in the profession .

These views were shared in an orientation session of the pioneer batch of first professional MBBS students of NSMC here at University of Gujrat on April 14th. Orientation session started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. Ms. Benish Demonstrator Anatomy Department conducted the meeting. She introduced the personalities sitting on the stage. Then she requested Prof. Tauqeer Head of Anatomy Department for formal comments on the occasion. Then Vice Principal Prof. Tanveer Ahmed Qureshi addressed the session. He thanked the Vice Chancellor for gracing the orientation session. He appreciated the Vice Chancellor's unprecedented efforts in developing the college in a short span of time. He assured the VC that he would come up to his expectations.

While addressing the inaugural session, Vice Chancellor welcomed the pioneer students and the faculty of the college. Vice Chancellor remained the principal speaker of the orientation session. He introduced not only Nawaz Sharif Medical College of University of Gujrat but talked on various aspects of medical sciences. Being a socio-medicine professor, he linked the profession of medicine with the social sciences. He explained different paradigms in which a human being can better be served by a doctor. Vice-Chancellor highlighted the dimensions of physiological, pharmacological and hygienical aspects effecting humanity. At last, students took oath for rendering dedicated services for the promotion of health services to humanity. Prof. Tauqeer administered the oath.

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