Monday, January 11, 2010

Jalalpur Jattan Gujrat

History of Jalal Pur Jattan:
Jalalpur Jattan is a big town of Gujrat. Jalalpur Jattan was established by a Jutt, Jalal. But history about this city shows that a town on the same place was founded by Chandar Gupta Maurya, a Hindu Ruler, in 300 BC.

Jalalpur Jattan Cantonement:
Jalalpur Jattan is on the border of Kashmir and India. Jalalpur Jattan is also called as Gate of Kashmir. Due to its  geographical and strategic importance, recently a cantonment/ military base has been built in Jalalpur Jattan.

Nearby Famous Towns and Villages of Jalalpur Jattan:
Tanda, Mota, Bhagowal, Lakhan Wal, Chak Kamala, Sheikh Choghani Syedan, Karianwala, Awan Sharif, Barrila

Transportation to Jalalpur Jattan:
Jalalpur Jattan is situated 20 km away from Gujrat. You can go to Jalalpur Jattan only by road.  

News of Jalalpur Jattan:
In past, some 94 cases of HIV Aids Positive are also reported by an NGO (New Light AIDS Control Society, Lahore) after its free screening camp.


  1. I would say that its a little view of gujrat really nice images

  2. It is beautiful view of gujrat i am from gujrat but now living in uk gujrat i seen was full of life but now its totally changed well done



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