Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top Marriage Halls, Banquet Hall in Gujrat, Pakistan

There are many newly constructed Marriage/ Banquet Halls in Gujrat. Following are top and best Marriage Halls quality wise and service wise.
Dewan-e-Khas Marriage Halls GT Road Gujrat Near Science College
Qasr-e-Noor Marriage Halls Bhimber Road Gujrat
Bashir Mahal Marriage Halls, GT Road Near GTS Chowk
Falak Marriage Halls Servis More Gujrat
Gujrat Marriage Halls GT Road Gujrat Near Jamna

Akbar Resort (Kinara Hotel, Restaurant and Marriage Halls) GT Road Gujrat at Chenab River
Qand Fishan Marriage Halls Ramtalai Chowk Gujrat

Millan Banquet Hall GT Road Opposite Fruit Mandi Gujrat
Anmol Marriage Hall GT Road near Fruit Mandi Gujrat
Noor e Sehar Marriage Hall Sargodha Road Gujrat
Faran Marriage Hall GT Road Gujrat
Galaxy Marriage Hall Rehman Shaheed Road Gujrat
Bandhan Marriage Halls Rehman Shaheed Road Gujrat
Apna Restaurant and Marriage Halls GT Road Sara-e-Alamgir Karyala
Dream Land Restaurant and Marriage Halls Dinga Road Dhuni Adda
VIP Marriage Hall Bhimber Road Gujrat is the oldest marriage hall of Gujrat, but now a days other marriage halls have taken over this marriage hall.

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  2. Bashir Mahal Marrige Hall
    G.T Road Gujrat
    Offical Site Lanched



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