Saturday, December 26, 2009

Famous Brands and Products of Gujrat, Pakistan

Historically Gujrat district is a agricultural region. But now a days it is an industrial city and famous for its Fan Industry, Furniture Industry, Shoes Industry, Auto (Motor Cycles/ Bikes) Industry, Electrical Industry, Pottery Industry and Tyre and Tube Industry.
Here we will enlist top Brands and Products of Gujrat;
Fan Industry:
Royal Fan, GFC Fan, Yunas Fan, Metro Fan, Inayat Fan, Pak Fan, Al-Shaikh Fan, Golden Star Fan, My Fan, Noor Fan, Digital Fan.........up to 500 Fan Brands are produced in Gujrat.
Furniture Industry:
Decent Furnishers, Koncept Furnishers, Bashir Design Furniture, Al Karam Furnishers, Best Buy Furnishers, Capri Furnishers, Classic Furnishers, Comfort Zone Furnishers, Danish Furnishers, General Furnishers and many more.
Shoes Industry:
A wide range of Servis Shoes products is the sign of quality in the foot wear industry. CALZA, Don Carlos, CHEETAH and many more are produced in Servis Shoes Industry Gujrat.
Auto Industry (Motorcycles/ Bikes):
Metro Motor Cycles and Royal Motor Cycles
Crockery Industry (Pottery and Ceramics):
Stone Ware is a high quality crockery producer in Gujrat. Royal of London has also an unit in Gujrat. And there are so many other ceramics industries in Gujrat.
Tyre and Tube Industry:
Servis and Ceco are two producers of Tyres and Tubes in Gujrat.
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