Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shadiwal Detail Informations

Shadiwal (Shadi Wal) is a town of Gujrat, a district in Punjab province,Pakistan. It is situated only few kilometers away from Gujrat city. It is a developed town of Gujrat and it has got the status of Model Town in the present century after a lot of developments in the town. Shaiwal has a police station and an emergency police unit. Shadiwal is subdivided in two: as Shadiwal Kalan (Barra) and Shadiwal Khurd (Chhota). Shadiwal has a big bazaar. Jatts (Warraich, Cheema, Sahi, Gondal and Tarar) are prominent residents of Shadiwal while Kashmiri (Butt and Dar) and Syed families are also very respected in the town. A large number of people of Shadiwal are settled in Europe, America, Australia and in Middle East.
Many famous politicians, lawyers, doctors, engineers and sub-engineers belong to Shadiwal. Before Pakistan Ch. Ahmed Din of Shadiwal was only single Pleader in the whole district of Gujrat.
Shadiwal is named after a Hindu with the name of Shadi. Before partition, Hindus and Muslims lived together peacefully and with great harmony and religious patience. In 1947 Hindus migrated to India.
There are many beautiful mosques in the town. Because this town is present since British era so it has many churches, temples (mandirs) as well.
Industry & Agriculture:
Shadiwal has a Hydel Power Plant on Upper Jhelum Link Canal. It was built in sixties.
The land of this area is very fertile and the rice of Shadiwal is very tasty and world famous. Other main crops are wheat and sugar cane. There are number of dairy and poultry farms in the town. Very fine clay pottery is also produced in cottage industry.
Shadiwal has a modest culture. Shalwar Qameez is common and famous dress but Pant Shirts and other modern dresses are also being used while some villagers also like Teh-band and Kurta. Punjabi is main language in Shadiwal while Urdu is also widely spoken. It is also believed that Sohni of folk story Sohni Mahinwal was also belonged to Shadiwal.


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