Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gujrat Chamber of Commerce & Industry [GCCI] Visit EUROCITY Site Office


  1. Euro City is a very good addition in the housing sector of this region. We hope that other builders will also follow EuroCity and build such projects.

  2. Located at the juncture of Sarai Alamgir and Kharian, EuroCity is the first housing society of international standard. It is a secure and peaceful residential scheme around which strong security wall is being constructed. Fool proof security arrangement would be put in place through installation of modern gadgets. It would have one main entrance where movement in and out of the society would be strictly monitored from security point of view. A network of carpeted roads is being constructed with organized and entrenched planning. Big parks and green belts are also in the process of construction for healthy environment.
    This is the first housing project of Gujrat with have NOC.

  3. More Information Plz Visit:
    Contact: Manager Marketing (03334772100)



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