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School, Mosque Detail in Gujrat

There are 1939 Government Schools in district Gujrat; 957 schools in Tehsil Gujrat, 754 schools in Tehsil Kharian, 228 schools in Tehsil Sarae Alamgir. In these 1939 schools there are 280 Mosque level schools, 1271 primary schools, 185 middle schools, 193 high schools and 10 higher secondary schools.
Here is an analysis and details data of Government Schools of all 03 tehsils of district Gujrat.

Tehsil Gujrat
82 Mosque Level Schools,
673 Primary Schools,
93 Middle Schools,
107 High Schools,
02 Higher Secondary Schools
Total Government Schools are 957.

Tehsil Kharian
140 Mosque Level Schools,
466 Primary Schools,
77 Middle Schools,
67 High Schools,
04 Higher Secondary Schools
Total Government Schools are 754.

Tehsil Sarai Alamgir
58 Mosque Level Schools,
132 Primary Schools,
15 Middle Schools,
19 High Schools,
04 Higher Secondary Schools
Total Government Schools are 228.

Above given data and figures are only about Provincial Government Schools, there are also many Private Schools and some Federal Government Schools in District Gujrat.

SCHOOL OF Distric Gujrat 

Following is a list of famous Boys and Girls Schools of district Gujrat:

  1. Muncipal Model High School Gujrat
  2. Government Public High School No.2 Gujrat
  3. F.G. Public High School Kharian Cantt
  4. Government Islamia High School Gujrat
  5. Dar e Arqam Model High School Gujrat
  6. Beaconhouse School System Gujrat
  7. Beaconhouse School Kharian
  8. Ghazali Model High School Gujrat
  9. Fauji Foundation Model School Gujrat
  10. Pakistan International Public High School Gujrat
  11. Star Light Model High School Staff Gala Gujrat
  12. Jinnah Grammar High School Gujrat
  13. Comprehensive School System Gujrat
  14. Shaukat Model High School
  15. Bloomfield Hall School Kharian Cantt
  16. Army Public School Kharian Cantt
  17. Harward Foundation School Gujrat
  18. Kids Beacon High School Jail Road Gujrat
  19. OPF Public School Gujrat
  20. Garrison Academy Kharian
  21. Dar-us-SallamHigh School Kharian
  22. Army Public School Sarai Alamgir
  23. Quaid-e-Millat Model High School Sarai Alamgir

Famous Colleges of District Gujrat

Following are the best and famous colleges/ institutes of district Gujrat.

University of Gujrat is the most famous educational institute of Gujrat.

Commerce & IT Computer Colleges
Punjab College of Commerce, Gujrat
Government College of Commerce, Gujrat
Jinnah College of Commerce, Gujrat
Gujrat College of Commerce & IT, Bhimbher Road Gujrat
Rose Belt College, Kharian District Gujrat
Imperial College of Computer Science, Gujrat

Science & Arts Colleges
Government Science College for Boys GT Road, Gujrat
Government Zamiondar College for Boys, Bhimber Road Gujrat
Ibn-e-Imam Science College, Jalal Pur Jattan District Gujrat
Government Degree College for Boys, Lalamusa District Gujrat

Military Colleges

Military College Sara-e-Alamgir District Gujrat
Army Public School and College, Kharian Cantt District Gujrat

Engineering & Technology Colleges
Government Swedish Pakistani Institute of Technology, Gujrat
Gujrat Institute of Technology, Gujrat
Faran Institute of Technology, Gujrat

Law Colleges
Gujrat Law College, Gujrat

Medical Colleges
Nawaz Sharif Medical College (NSMC), Gujrat

Girls Colleges
Fatima Jinnah Girls College, Fawara Chowk Gujrat
Government Marghazar College for Girls, Gujrat
F.G. College for Women, Kharian Cantt District Gujrat
Government Degree College for Women, Kharian District Gujrat
Government I.D Janjua College for Women, Lalamusa District Gujrat
Government Degree College for Women, Dinga District Gujrat
Government Degree College for Women, Sarai Alamgir District Gujrat
Sir Syed Degree College for Women, Shah Hussain Road Gujrat
Madr-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah Degree College, Kotla Arab Ali Khan District Gujrat
Jamia Ghosia Naeemia Degree College for Women, Gujrat
Government College for Women, Kotla Arab ALi Khan District Gujrat
Government Degree College for Women, Bhagowal Kallan District Gujrat
Allama Iqbal Girls College, Bhimbher Road Gujrat
Pakistan Institute of Business and IT for Women, Gujrat
Government Degree College for Women, Kunjah District Gujrat
Chenab College for Women, Gujrat

If any college/ institute of district Gujrat is not included in the above list, you can add it by writing its name in the comments form below. Or, you can also write some details about any college of Gujrat District in the comments form

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